Have you ever found yourself thinking the following things?

If you answered yes to any of the statements above, I can help because I have been standing exactly where you are now and asking myself the same things. When I was in University, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Ten years later, I found myself in a relatively successful career in banking making good money but feeling very dissatisfied and not knowing why. I always knew I wanted to be successful in life; however, if I am honest, I never took the time to ask myself why. I always told myself that if I knew what I wanted to, I would do it; however, being that I didn't, I just carried on. Asking the question was too painful.

I filled every hour of my week with distractions to prevent me from focusing on the "why" of what I was doing and what I really wanted my life to be about. I found that I was living for things that I didn't really value and that many of the things I did value were completely absent from my life.

I reached breaking point when they found a lump in my body that they feared was cancer. The possibility of death made me realize that I could not carry on with life as it was. Something had to change. I found a life coach recommended to me by a friend and worked with them on a program of self-discovery. Through a serious of coaching sessions, lot's of homework exercises and time invested in soul searching I was able to truly connect to my core values and discover the things that gave meaning and purpose to my life.

Using my experience, I have put together a six-step program based on my journey to find my purpose to help you on yours. The benefit is that I have already been there so I know the short cuts and tips and tricks to get you there faster.

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The Six-Step Program

If you are ready to take action and start the journey of living a life of meaning and purpose then sign up for my Six-Step Program now. It is completely risk free as I offer a 100% money back guarantee. The only catch is that you have to submit all your homework to demonstrate that you have done the work. You don't have anything to lose, so contact me now to sign up for a journey that will change your life.

In this session we will discover your top six core values and identify areas of your life where you would like to express these more.

We will explore the things that you loved throughout your life and the optimal conditions in which you do your best work.

Identify some key things you have always wanted to try, but for various "good reasons" have never gotten around to. Using a powerful tool, we will find the key motivating factors that will make you try them.

In this session you will examine many examples of people that are living lives consistent with their core values and purpose. Using articles, a survey and other techniques, you will explore the key factors that have enabled these people to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

We will use powerful visualization tools and techniques to create a strong vision for how you want your life to be. This is the first step in the journey to making it a reality.

In this session we will set a powerful goal for this area of your life going forward along with strategies and specific action items you will commit to. We will also work on solidifying your commitment to invest in yourself and follow-through on all the work you have done throughout the program.

Price: £600

Limited offer: Now only £350!

If you're ready to find the things that truly light you up, contact me now so we can get started!

After signing up, I will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

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One-On-One Sessions

In addition to my Six-Step Program, I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help you with any area of your life you would like to take to the next level.

The sessions last for 60 minutes and can be done over the phone or via Skype. They provide the space and time to work through a structured way of identifying what you want most and then developing detailed goals, strategies and action plans to get you there.

Alternatively, the sessions can also be used to work through any areas in your life in which you feel stuck or for which you want to clarify your thinking and next steps to move forward.

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Cost per session: £100


Where you see challenges and difficulties, Blanche will help you to identify opportunities and solutions. Having gone with her through her "Six-Step Program", I would warmly recommend it to anyone who considers a career change or might need some guidance in thinking through next steps in his/her professional life. The focused sessions have given me precious insights into aspects of my personality I would like to see expressed more clearly in my professional activity. I also highly valued the provision of expert tools and methods to think about career issues more systematically. Finally, Blanche's enthusiastic and positive character played no small part in making the experience a memorable one.

- Helen, London
I was going through a rough patch and wanted my carrier to move in a different direction but struggled to articulate it. The coaching sessions empowered me to identify a single point of focus and provided an organized way in which to challenge myself to taking action and move my life in the direction that I desperately wanted to go.

- Ashley, New York
I found these coaching sessions provided me with a motivating environment to work in. It is incredible how vague we can sometimes be with regards to achieving a certain goal. Throughout these sessions I learned that sometimes it's best to get it all down in clear and realistic steps. Be prepared to workhowever. This course is about you taking control it does help though to have an enthusiastic and dedicated coach to encourage you along the way.

- Julie, Conventry
I found the life coaching with Blanche incredibly insightful. I started my sessions at a particularly terrible time in my life. I decided in order to make the next chapter in my life a better place I needed to change. Blanche helped me dig deep to ask myself 'what is it I want' a question I hadn't asked myself in 12 years. One of the main things that I discovered was that I runaway, bury my head I the sand and put things off. However, working through the program gave me strategies and tools to find a way to tackle the difficult questions.

I found the program was for the mind was like spring cleaning your closet and having the best capsule wardrobe replacing all the clothes you don't wear, can't fit in, and beat yourself up that you will get in them one day.

- Karen, London
  • Helen, London
  • Ashley, New York
  • Julie, Coventry
  • Karen, London

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